Ashtvinayak Hospital

World Class treatment available for kidney stone and urology

Admission And Registration

Please contact reception counter.

Please fill in the admission form in capital letter.

Inform the admission department about your choice of class of bed & Doctor.

All surgical patients are required to sign the consent form prior to the surgery to ensure that you have been properly informed regarding your treatment.

You will be escorted to your bed by one staff member of Ashtvinayak Hospital.


Deposit amount varies as per your room/bed preferences and whenever you have to undergo surgery.

For planned / cold admissions deposit must be paid at the time of Admission.

For emergency admission part payment can be done & deficit amount must be paid with in 24 hours.

Deposit amount will be refunded / adjusted at the time of discharge.

The refund amount exceeding Rs. 5000/- will be paid by A/c payee cheque.

Bill Process


Interim bills for Indoor patients are sent every alternate day.

Every bill must be paid within 24 hours.

When a patient desires transfer from lower class to higher class then higher class charges are applicable from date of admission.

When a patient desires transfer from higher class to lower class, patient need to pay total bill of higher class before transfer.

All outdoor & indoor bills must be paid at authorized cash counter during following hours.

Time: 08.00 am to 08.00 pm

The management is not responsible if payments are made to unauthorized person.


Credit Card.

Cheques are not accepted.


All the medicines prescribed by your Doctor will be supplied by hospital pharmacy by doing direct payment to the pharmacy.

The hospital pharmacy will supply all medicines as prescribed by your Doctor.

Staff nurses on duty will procure medicines for you.

Under exceptional cases, you may have to purchase medicines from outside.


Contact 022 2745 3681/83 for appointments.

For Diagnostic Information call 022 27453681/83

Follow-up visits

Please take the prior appointment for your next or follow up visit.